Continous Delivery toolkit

ENACT will deliver two enablers that aim at improving the continuous delivery of smart IoT systems, with a specific focus on (i) agile and continuous evolution and (ii) ensuring the proper design of the system before delivery. A particular attention will be given to support the testing of smart IoT systems and the gradual migration from the test to the operation environment.

Agile Operation Toolkit

ENACT will deliver three innovative enablers to significantly reduce the burden of managing and maintaining smart IoT systems. A specific attention will be given (i) to ensure the trustworthiness of such systems and (ii) to automate operation activities as much as possible.

Trustworthiness toolkit

ENACT will deliver a set of enablers addressing specific crosscutting trustworthiness concerns such as ensuring proper robustness, security and privacy of smart IoT systems.

ENACT Approach

The concept of ENACT is to evolve DevOps methods and techniques to support the development and operation of smart IoT systems, which (i) involve sensors and actuators and (ii) need to be trustworthy.

DevOps practices aim to ensure a rapid and efficient value delivery to market. DevOps ideas promote a tight collaboration between the developers (Dev) and the teams that deploy and operate the software systems (Ops). DevOps seeks to decrease the gap between a product design and its operation by introducing software design and development practices and approaches to the operation domain and vice versa. In the core of DevOps there is automation and continuous processes supported by different tools at various stages of the product life-cycle. In particular, ENACT will support the DevOps practices during the development and operation of trustworthy smart IoT systems and provide innovations and enablers that will feature trustworthy IoT systems related to seven stages of the process as depicted in the Figure below.


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