Continous Delivery toolkit

ENACT will deliver two enablers that aim at improving the continuous delivery of smart IoT systems, with a specific focus on (i) agile and continuous evolution and (ii) ensuring the proper design of the system before delivery. A particular attention will be given to support the testing of smart IoT systems and the gradual migration from the test to the operation environment.

Agile Operation Toolkit

ENACT will deliver three innovative enablers to significantly reduce the burden of managing and maintaining smart IoT systems. A specific attention will be given (i) to ensure the trustworthiness of such systems and (ii) to automate operation activities as much as possible.

Trustworthiness toolkit

ENACT will deliver a set of enablers addressing specific crosscutting trustworthiness concerns such as ensuring proper robustness, security and privacy of smart IoT systems.


ThingML: Model-Driven Software Engineering for Heterogeneous and Distributed Reactive Systems - MODELS'18 (SINTEF and TellU)

A Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) typically relies on a highly heterogeneous interconnection of platforms and devices offering a diversity of complementary capabilities: from cloud server with their virtually unlimited resources to tiny microcontrollers supporting the connection to the physical world. This tutorial presents a tool supported Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) approach targeting the heterogeneity and distribution challenges associated with the development of CPS. The approach is based on a domain specific modelling languages called ThingML. The foundations and rational of ThingML have been elaborated over the past years based on a set of experiences and projects aiming applying the state of the art in MDSE in practical contexts and with different industry partners. The aim of the tutorial is (i) to reflect on these experiences to motivate the approach and its implementation, (ii) to describe the approach and its usage by the actors involved in the development of CPS and (iii) to provide handson experience with the associated tools.

2nd International workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for the Internet of Things (MDE4IoT) - MODELS'18

ENACT Co-organize the second edition of the MDE4IoT workshop. This year the workshop will be co-located with MODELS'18 in Copenhagen. The objective of this workshop is to: (i) foster work in its early stage on novel topics covering fundamental as well as applied research that attempts to apply model-driven techniques in the IoT domain, (ii) bring together researchers from the model-driven software development and IoT communities, as well as to promote discussions between theoreticians and practitioners, (iii) discuss the transfer and/or applicability of research results from the MDE community to IoT industrial case studies.


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