Continous Delivery toolkit

ENACT will deliver two enablers that aim at improving the continuous delivery of smart IoT systems, with a specific focus on (i) agile and continuous evolution and (ii) ensuring the proper design of the system before delivery. A particular attention will be given to support the testing of smart IoT systems and the gradual migration from the test to the operation environment.

Agile Operation Toolkit

ENACT will deliver three innovative enablers to significantly reduce the burden of managing and maintaining smart IoT systems. A specific attention will be given (i) to ensure the trustworthiness of such systems and (ii) to automate operation activities as much as possible.

Trustworthiness toolkit

ENACT will deliver a set of enablers addressing specific crosscutting trustworthiness concerns such as ensuring proper robustness, security and privacy of smart IoT systems.

The First ENACT Hackathon

Jean-Yves Tigli and Stéphane Lavirotte -- 22/01/2020

The 5th of March, ENACT is organizing its first Hackathon at University Côte d'Azur in Sophia Antipolis

Located near Cannes, Antibes and Nice, Sophia Antipolis is the Europe's leading technology park with 2230 companies employing 36,300 people from 63 different nationalities, who work together with 4,000 researchers and 5,000 students, mainly in the ICT domain.

In the heart of technology park, the SophiaTech campus is a university centre dedicated to information technology and communication. Campus SophiaTech is home of various academic institutions (Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, EURECOM, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines) and Innovation stakeholders. The SophiaTech campus is thus the perfect location to organize the first ENACT Hackaton.

The main purposes of ENACT Hackathon are: (i) to challenge ENACT tools with new IoT use cases provided by the hackathon attendees, and (ii) to get as many feedbacks as possible, from attendees, on the relevance, efficiency, utility, usability, etc., of the ENACT tools.

At mid-project, our DevOps enablers to develop, deploy, monitor, and adapt trustworthy smart IoT systems are available and have already been tested by our case study providers in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Building, health care and assisted living systems for elderly people.

The hackathon will be the opportunity for disseminating these results via tutorials and the first direct manipulations of our enablers by external users. It will also provide us with first feedbacks from users a priori unfamiliar with the ENACT enablers.

Around 50 Master and Ph.D. students in Software Engineering from more than ten different countries such as China, Italy, Russia, Poland, Tunisia, etc. will be selected for participation. This event will also be an opportunity for the ENACT consortium to be in touch with software engineers coming from major economical actors and ICT companies from Sophia Antipolis

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